Donate a Door Prize!

In honor of his sister Amy Herdy, who lives in Washington State and is winning the fight against cancer, Roger Herdy is working to organize a Poker Tournament to help raise money for the research on cancer cure technology. Specifically, we are raising money to battle breast cancer, with all proceeds going toward METAvivor (see With the theme being a Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament, many local businesses are donating door prizes such as gift cards, free services, etc. We hope that your organization can make a donation of a door prize.

I would like to ask if you would be willing to donate some door prizes (t-shirts, hats, $1 chips, or whatever) to help our cause and to give you some advertising.

Any items (big or small), any quantity, or perhaps being a Tournament sponsor or even making a donation would be greatly appreciated. Please send items to the address below:

Roger Herdy
C/O Government Energy Solutions
515 Sparkman Drive, Suite 305
Huntsville, Alabama 35816

The Tournament will be held on Saturday, August 25, 2018 with all proceeds going to fund research to cure metastatic breast cancer. I would be deeply grateful if you could help us, in any way, to make this fundraiser a success. If you are able to participate, kindly drop Roger an e-mail so we can finalize plans for door prizes. We appreciate anything you can offer!