2018! Join Us for the 6th Annual Amy Herdy Texas Hold’Em Cancer Cure Tournament!


Amy Herdy Hold'Em Poker Tournament

Amy Herdy

We want you to help win the fight against cancer and have some Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament fun, too! We are holding our sixth annual Amy Herdy Texas Hold ‘Em Cancer Cure Tournament on Saturday August 25, 2018.

New location! It is now at 3322 South Memorial Parkway, Suite 537, Huntsville, AL. Go just past the Hollywood 18 Movie place, going south on Memorial Parkway (Highway 231), and look for a sign on where to turn in. On your right is a building where you will see balloons and banners on a 2nd story balcony at the west side of the building, and that’s where we are having the tournament.


If you want to register for the tournament and secure your seat, or make a donation, please go to the tab entitled “REGISTER FOR THE TOURNAMENT”.

The tournament is to recognize Amy Herdy’s battle with cancer. Amy is a noted author and journalist who lives in Washington State and is a sister to Huntsville, AL, businessman Roger Herdy. Roger is wanting to know who is “all in” for a winning chance to cure breast cancer! All of this year’s proceeds will go again to METAvivor, who fund research that may one day save the lives of those living with metastatic breast cancer.

So, help us “chip away” at cancer, and have a Texas Hold ‘Em terrific blast doing so! The tournament starts at 2 p.m. and lasts until only the Grand Prize Winner remains, with all the participants at the final table receiving prizes. And this year we have added a “Second Chance” tournament for folks who go bust after the re-buy period ends, with one winner-take-all prize. All proceeds go only toward cancer cure research. Everyone will be a winner if we help cure cancer! Seating is limited so reserve your spot at a table today!

Event Information:
What: Amy Herdy Texas Hold’ Em Cancer Cure Tournament.
When: Saturday August 25, 2018. Registration begins at 12:00 PM, a beginner’s workshop offered till 1:30. The tournament will begin at 2:00 PM. Late buy-ins accepted until 3:00 PM, subject to available seating.
Where: 3322 South Memorial Parkway, Suite 537, Huntsville, AL.
How: Register on-line via PayPal (see the tab on this web site for registration), or at the door (get these early!). If you are on my e-mail distribution list you can reserve a spot with a RSVP, or drop me a note here.

  • There will be Door Prizes!
  • We will have food and beverage available for purchase.
  • Final Table Benefit: Winner’s prizes (See what has been awarded in the past in the pictures tab. Check web site later to see all the great stuff you can win this year!)
  • Unlimited re-buys until after the first six blind rounds (approximately 3:30). We will accept cash, check or credit card payment. Registration is $20, chips buy-in is $40.
  • Blinds will be progressive and change every fifteen minutes.
Amy Herdy Hold'Em Poker Tournament

Amy Herdy